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Why choose a rotary arm wrapper over a ring wrapper?

STREMA® has clearly decided in favour of the rotary arm technology.

The main reasons for this are:


Electrical power transmission to the rotary unit

Open conductor rails (slip rings) with protection class IP 00, as usual used with the ring wrapper are an absolute "no-go" in many industries. STREMA® uses encapsulated slip rings with protection class IP 54 / IP 55. That is clearly an advantage of rotary arm wrappers when used in a dusty or abrasive atmosphere.

The range of motion and therefore the wear and tear of the current collectors are very high for a ring wrapper. They turn a distance of more than 6 m per ring rotation. Within the slip ring transformer that STREMA® uses, this path is only slightly more than 30 cm long. Therefore the rotary arm wrapper has an advantage in regards of the service life of the current collectors.

Infeed times before start of wrapping

In the case of a ring wrapper the wrapping ring itself must always be in the uppermost position during the change of pallets since otherwise the path through the machine would be blocked. This increases the infeed time for the following stretch cycle. In the case of a rotary arm wrapper, the pallet transport can be carried out at any time as the flow path remains free. The rotary arm wrapper therefore has an advantage in regards to the needed infeed time before each wrapping cycle.

Application as a twin head machine

Both stretch heads of a ring wrapper have no other options but to rotate always at the same height. This strongly restricts the application possibilities of the double head technology. With a rotary arm wrapper, both stretch heads can work independently of each other at different heights. This allows a variety of additional wrapping types. Therefore the rotary arm wrapper has an advantage as a double head machine.


In addition, the sophisticated base frame of the STREMA® rotor systems allows an extremely high load capacity of the rotary arms.

This permanently ensures an unmatched smooth running of the rotary arm wrapper.

STREMA® Rotary arm systems

Our rotary arm wrappers are available both as semi-automatic and fully-automatic machines, from entry-level and basic models to mid-range systems and up to our flagship the A 5000 series.

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